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      1.We reserve thr right to accept or reject your application at one discretion.In such case,all fees paid will be refunded .If accepted, fees are not refundable.

      2.Course are not transferable to other person.

      3.Failure are the part of the student to adhere to the study programms in no way affects the students leading to complete payment of the contracted fees.

      4.fees are non-refundable ,non-transferable and non-adjustable once paid even of the student may not be able to attend any other class.

      5.Students are given participant certificate and not diploma should they also fair in second exam.

    Condition of Acceptance

    I have read and understand the information given in this form.I agree by the terms and conditions and pay the course fee.I agree and accept that if I am enrollled as a student the fee will not be refunded in whats over condition upon enrollment this application becomes a contract.

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    1.Please enclose letter explaning why you are applying for montessori course.

    2.Kindly submit the photocopy of your testimonials.


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